1: Introduction

Smash Your Damn Goals is a show for women who want to do big things, be high achievers, and be confident in themselves and their abilities!


In this episode, Jais gives a brief history of her career from cleaning yachts to working on oil rigs. She graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy in 2013 with a degree in Marine Engineering, moved to Houston, and went to work in the oilfield post-grad. In 2018, she started Uplevely Wildly Coaching to help provide career advancement tips to ambitious women through a series of mindset shifts.


If you’re looking for simple, strategic steps for success with no BS and are ready to uplevel beyond your wildest imagination, this is the show for you, babe. To learn more about Jais Curry’s coaching practice and programs, visit www.jaiscurry.com. For behind the scenes, cute pictures of dogs, and more tips and tricks, follow Jais on Instagram or Facebook @jaiscurry