3: Life is Too Short to Eat Out of Boring Bowls – What are You Waiting For?

If a Greek person finds out that you like something you are going to get it as a gift from there on out forever.

My Thea Susan has gifted me a Bennington Pottery Collection over the years that I have never truly utilized. I made a big batch of my favorite soup the other day because it is cold and rainy in Htown this week. As I went digging through my cabinet in search of a bowl, I decided instead to use my gorgeous, baby blue and white heart shaped Bennington pottery bowl, because, why not? But I was waiting for a reason, or a celebration, or some excuse to use them.

What if you woke up tomorrow with only what you celebrated today?

Life is too short to wait around to do the things you want to do, especially if they are easy. Instead of sitting down and writing out a list of reasons why you should wait to do something or what you are waiting for, GRAB LIFE by the horns and just do it. You’ll save a ton of time acting vs. waiting, and eventually it will become a habit.

So often we get stuck on saving things for “a special occasion”, but you guys, LIFE is a special occasion, every day that you wake up alive and healthy is, and even if you’re not feeling amazing and ready to take on the world, if you find things to celebrate it will shift your whole mood and your whole life. I am done saving the finer things “for when I have something to celebrate”.

You have to find reasons to celebrate. It’s wayyyy more fun than being an anxious, stressed out hot ass mess that worries about everything and finds reasons NOT to do things that will bring you joy.

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