6: How to Quit Procrastinating and Relying on Motivation

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Today on Smash Your Damn Goals we are talking procrastination and motivation. One of the biggest things my clients reach out to me about or seek me out for is procrastination. These are high achieving women who rock in business, on ships, and in life, but who know they could perform at SUCH a higher level if they could just “get motivated” or “just do the damn thing”. A lack of motivation isn’t why these women are paralyzed – it’s fear. Let me say it again for the people in the back – you’re not lazy, just scared. And you’re going to make a plan to deal with it.

Before we get deep into my 4 tips for just doing the damn thing, I need you to know some stuff.

A lot of women who get no feedback feel like they aren’t doing the right thing so they quit. Give yourself the feedback you need. Tell yourself you are doing amazing. Check in and celebrate everything that you’ve accomplished at the end of each day.

There will always be reasons to put something off. You may be stuck waiting for something before you can start what you want to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish anything with that time. If you’re waiting for a client to call you back so you can start their project, find a task you can knock out with that time. Productivity breeds more of the same.

The last thing, and this is the most important thing that people don’t realize is that if you are procrastinating and putting things off, it isn’t because you are lazy or dumb. There is something bigger going on. A lot of times, we procrastinate doing things that are steps to making our lives so much better. Hear me out on this, because to our logical brains this sounds crazy: Why would you not do something that was going to make you more successful? Self limiting beliefs. SO many of us believe deep down (so deep that your conscious mind may not know it) that we don’t deserve that promotion. That we aren’t worthy of losing the 10 extra pounds. Motivation has nothing to do with it, you just probably don’t believe in yourself 110% yet. It’s no easier to make excuses and chicken out on your dreams than it is to make small, consistent baby steps that will get you there, but so often that is the path we choose.

Many of my listeners have been high achievers from a young age. This can teach you to rely on external validation and not find that sense of accomplishment within yourself. Because of this, you become a people pleaser and feel external pressure to get everything right 100% of the time. Eventually, you begin to see yourself as a failure if you don’t get it right the first time, which then breeds fear to even start.

How to Stop Procrastinating?

Step 1: Write down something you are procrastinating doing. 

Step 2: Think about why are you ACTUALLY avoiding this thing that you need to do?

Step 3: Eliminate distractions.

Step 4: Get the fuck over it.

Decide you are going to do it. Count to 5 and go. If you wait more than that, your brain actually negotiates with itself subconsciously to not do it. Don’t ever let yourself get to this point. Once you decide to do it, make it happen. Start with the snowball effect. Look at everything you need to do and pick the smallest or easiest task. Once that’s complete, do the next easiest task. By doing this, you start feeling accomplished early on and build momentum. Momentum is better than motivation, because you can create and manage it yourself.

I’m going to go more in depth about self sabotage in another episode but I wanted to put it out there because procrastination and motivation are huge issues for a lot of my clients. If you can figure out why you’re avoiding things and start to build momentum around them, you’ll be able to smash your damn goals without relying on motivation.

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